Community of Pelican Narrows

Pelican Narrows

The community of Pelican Narrows is located 388 kilometers northeast of Prince Albert. The community is easily accessible by road, lying 45 kms on gravel off the paved Hanson Lake Road (Highway #106). Creighton, Saskatchewan and Flin Flon, Manitoba, the closest larger centers, are 120 kms from Pelican Narrows and offer amenities such as shopping, medical care, and entertainment.

Industry in the community of Pelican includes the Co-op Fisheries and Fish Plant, The Northern Store, Mum’s Restaurant, Charles Confectionary, PBCN Band Store, Pearson Enterprises, Nikatosik Forestry, Pelican Narrows Air Services, crafts by local artisans, trapping and fishing. Recreation activities in the winter include skating and hockey, cross country skiing, snowmobiling, and dog sledding. In the summer, people enjoy boating, fishing, camping, and baseball. Children in the community are able to attend school from nursery level to grade twelve.

Pelican Narrows has a spacious health center, the Angelique Canada Health Center. From the center, all community health programs are delivered. Physicians are contracted Monday to Friday coverage with new residences built for physicians to stay in the community. The center is staffed with 8 full-time nurses, including the nursing coordinator. There is also a full-time RN and a full-time LPN in the Homecare Program. Nurses work in cooperation with community health developers to deliver community health programs and treatment services. They also contract a pharmacist for 3 days a week. The health center provides 24 hour emergency service, with ambulance service staffed by two EMT’s, who are provided by P.A. Parkland Ambulance in partnership with PBCN. There is a Telehealth unit which is part of a provincial system and has the capability to access Southend, Deschambault Lake and P.A. Telehealth in the Main Office. This is used for meetings, interviews and physician referrals.

The Health Center also has a Full-Time Dental Therapist who works in the school. A Home & Community Care team consisting of a Home Care Nurse, an L.P.N. and Home Health Aides to provide home care and a Holistic Health Coordinator and workers whose focus is Mental Health and Addictions.

Nurses employed by Health Services enjoy new accommodation next to the Health Center which consists of 10 three-bedroom fully furnished and equipped condominiums. Each unit has a bath and one-half, kitchen area, living room, two bedroom, laundry facilities, basement, an outside deck and small enclosed yard. The nurses enjoy cable T.V. via Satellite, a VCR and can access exercise equipment in the clinic or in the community. The new fitness center is called the Napoleon Merasty Memorial Fitness Center.