The community of Southend is 222 KMs Northeast of La Ronge, Saskatchewan. It is accessible by an all season gravel road from La Ronge. The trip will take approximately three hours if you don’t stop too often to admire the breath-taking scenery.

Fishing, outfitting, Nobel Bay Mine and private business are the main industries in Southend which has a population of 1100. Children are able to attend school from kindergarten to Grade 12. Recreation includes fishing, hockey, cross-country skiing, swimming, hiking, boating, and dog sledding. There is a restaurant, a Northern Store, a confectionary/gas bar and an outdoor skating rink.

Health care programs are delivered from the Arthur Morin Memorial Health Center which provides community programs and 24 hours emergency care. Doctors are flown in from La Ronge two days per week. There are four nurses on staff at the health center, including the nurse in charge. There is also a full-time RN in the Homecare Program. The nurses work in cooperation with the community health staff to deliver all health programs. Ambulance service is based out of La Ronge. Medivacs from the clinic meet the ambulance on the highway to make the most efficient use of time. There is a security guard on-site after hours to provide a safe environment.

Home and Community Care services are provided by a Home Care nurse with Home Health Aides. A Dental Therapist lives in the community and provides services to the school and adult population. There is a Holistic Health Coordinator (Mental Health Therapist) and Holistic Health Workers (Addiction Counselors) who work on issues of mental health and addictions.

Telehealth/High Speed Internet access has been introduced to the clinic for a number of years. There have been Physician services through Telehealth and the capability to access other provincial sites as well as Pelican Narrows, Deschambault Lake and P.A. Main Office.

Nursing staff are provided accommodation in 1, 2 or 3 bedroom duplex located beside the Health Centre. Nurses enjoy cable T.V. via Satellite.

Administrative Support: Health Director manages the overall functions of the health center and its staff, including all Nursing staff in conjunction with following the policies and protocol practices.

Holistic Health Programs

  • Diabetic Resource Person
  • Youth Activities
  • Elder Social Activities
  • Man’s & Women Support Programs
  • Cooking Classes for all Groups
  • Physical Activities (Diabetes Prevention)
  • Headstart Program (2-3 yrs)
  • Addiction Workshops
  • Single Parent Support
  • Prenatal Nutrition Program
  • You, Men, Women & Elder Summer Camps
  • Tobacco Control
  • Community Events: Youth Conference, Baby & Tot Fair, Community Clean Up, Elder Festival, Addictions Symposium, Family Wellness Conference, Health Fairs and Community Workshops