Sandy Bay

Sandy Bay

Cree name
The name in Cree is Wapaskokimawn meaning “okimaw” which is boss in cree or “non-native agent”.

Estimated 1hr drive North of Pelican Narrows (gravel winding road).

Local Services & Retailers
Confectionary- Gas, food

Local Band Services

  • Administration/Band Office
  • I.C.F.S.
  • Health services
  • Group home
  • Youth Center
  • Housing
  • Social Devlopment/Welfare
  • Elders/home care

Local Economy

  • Hunting & Trapping
  • Commercial fishing
  • Guiding
  • Mining
  • Recreational and Cultural opportunities
  • Island Falls Hydro-Electric Generating Station


    • Winter Festival
    • Treaty Days