Cree name
The name in Cree is “Wahpahtikochiwanohk” meaning the Narrows with a Current

Located in the north eastern part of the province 454kms North of PA and 222 kms north of La Ronge (Gravel Road Only)

Local Services & Retailers

    • Bird’s Confectionary – Gas/Diesel station, food
    • Restaurant – Lake Side Cafe restaurant
    • Local Radio Station (CIRL) Pauline Clarke Radio Announcer
    • North West Company- supplies food, clothing, and miscellaneous items
    • Local taxi service – Birds Taxi, Clarke’s Taxi
    • Northwest Company

    Local Band Services

    • Administration/Band Office
    • I.C.F.S.
    • Health services
    • Group home
    • Youth Center
    • Housing
    • Social Devlopment/Welfare
    • Elders/home care
    • Out reach

    Local Economy

    • Hunting & Trapping
    • Commercial fishing
    • Guiding
    • Noble Bay Graphite Mine
    • Recreational and Cultural opportunities

    Lodges- Lawrence Bay Lodge, Reindeer Lake Trout Camp
    Lodges- Nordic Lodge, Reindeer Lake Drive In Tourist Camp
    Highway 102, Southend, SK S0J2L0 (306)758-2066 (5km from Southend)

    Brabant Lake Confectionary
    Outfitter camp-supplies food, clothing, and misc. items

    Lawrence Bay Lodge
    Southend, SK S0J2L0

    Norvil Olson Campground
    Well-serviced campground close to stores, fuel, etc. Licensed vendor at Nordic Lodge 2 km North.


      • Winter Festival
      • Southend Youth Conference
      • Baby toddler Fair
      • Community Wellness Conference
      • Community Spring Clean-Up
      • July 1st Celebrations
      • Southend Treaty Days
      • Southend Fish Derby
      • Southend Summer
      • Youth Camp